If you’re great at your job, it means you’re replaceable, and that’s a good thing. You should strive to be replaceable; it’s how an organization grows. This may seem counterintuitive, but let me explain.

There’s a negative perception around what it means to be “replaceable” in the workplace — it might sound like you don’t have job security, or that you’re leaving the company — however, the fact is that being replaceable means emphasizing learning and growth, and is the key to fostering a positive work culture with a healthy path for career progression and innovation.

In an ideal business world, we’re operating in an environment where we, and our colleagues, are constantly growing and receive opportunities to learn new skills to prepare for the next step in our careers. In this sense, the most successful leaders are ensuring they are replaceable.

This doesn’t mean they’re no longer useful, it means they fully utilize and support their employees to complete initiatives at the highest quality and enable their future career growth. The better we are at our jobs, the more important it is to have someone even better than us. People with world class experience who can do parts of your job better than you allow you to free up some of your time that could be spent developing creative ideas, innovative solutions and working towards the next way to make greater impact for your company.

Managing your company, office or even just one direct report in this manner has many benefits and produces an even greater end product by leveraging strengths. Whether a small or large company, a director or vice president, the following tips will help you foster this kind of positive work culture focused on growth, one where you are replaceable