What is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer does everything behind the scenes to ensure software works during and after deployment. They are responsible for the deployment process, monitoring, scaling, and ensuing operational duties necessary when releasing code. A DevOps Engineer is comfortable building safe and efficient build processes (e.g., CI/CD pipeline), instrumenting code to report relevant metrics, setting the proper alarms for key service metrics, and running operational actions safely and quickly across fleets of resources.

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IT Consulting Since 2016

NiTech Solution provides advice, guidelines, and a road map for sourcing, utilizing, and managing IT assets and resources. We provide organizations with best practices for using IT solutions and services for their business objectives and in solving their problems.

-Nitesh Karki

Sr. Cloud Engineer/DevOps, NiTech Solution Pvt Ltd

We help organizations with:

We can help you deploy some customized open source Softwares that can help you to reduce your existing software/license costs.

It will be a one-time cost for deployment and walkthrough and rest will just be the server cost.

  • Your own chat software. (If you are tired of using slack or other where the chat history is lost after 10,000 messages)
  • Your own lightweight email server. (If you are tired of paying huge license amount for G Suite/Zoho)
  • Your own Kanban/Agile Board. (If you are paying a lot for Jira)
  • Your own password manager for storing confidential server keys or logins.
  • Your own Cloud Drive. (For confidential file sharing and storage)
  •  Your own ERP software(For any industry/organization)

  • Your own Mass Emailing solution(10,000 emails for $1). (If you are paying a huge amount for Mailchimp)

  • Your own servers/sites/network monitoring tool.

  • Your own SSL certificate generator on one click. (Bash Script)

  • One-click WordPress Installer/deployer (Bash Script)

  • An alternative of WHM/cPanel for managing Web Accounts and emails. (Free/No license cost)

  • We do vulnerability/penetration tests for your Application.

    Just ping us if you need any kind of IT solutions.
    The server cost will be free for the first months. (AWS/Azure/Alibaba)

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We don’t pursue every company that needs IT support. We choose only clients that share in our values. Serving a company’s IT and critical network needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take that very seriously

Regardless of whether it’s a flood or a digital security breach, you can rest easy knowing your system is secure and recoverable.Further guarantee that your network continues to function optimally with ongoing maintenance and support solutions to see to any issues that may arise after the initial set up.

Benefit not only from our technical expertise, but our business acumen as well. We work with you to plan your technology to effectively support your business as it grows.


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